Maxie (risingtectonics) wrote,


Since you're here, chances are that you've seen me around. Like what I'm doing? Dislike what I'm doing? Want to punch me in the face? This is the place to tell me.

I'm always striving to improve myself; any and all concrit on how I've been playing Maxie is highly appreciated and will be taken into account. Feel free to give me as much crit as you want, and to go as hard as you can; if you feel the need to flame me and/or take me up on that face-punching offer, I...guess that's fine too, ha. Whatever you decide to give me, I promise that I can handle it without feeling a need to go whining off to rp!s, dear_mun and/or the various anonmemes about how ZOMG MEEN you are - if you're doing me the courtesy of giving crit, then I'll be more than happy to respect you for it.

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Have at, darlings.
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